December 6, 2022

Added gem blood goblin
Brewing XP mixer now works on the new potions.
Forest tablette bloodify display bug fixed plus decided to reduce blood requirments.
Changed tooltip of stinger dagger's as it was unclear how the damage was calculated.
New ring obtained from invention/assemble.
Updated the player profile page.

December 4, 2022 (part 2)

Blood glass shrine now requires level 65 instead of 80 crafting.
Ability to disassemble bone amulets.
Tablette from caves is may now be bloodified.
New weapon released.
Three new upgraded bone amulets released.
Buffed stone converter potion.
Next on the agenda: Christmas event, beach combat area.

December 4, 2022

Blood caves released.
New potion type: coodown potions.
Added stone converter potion.
Added combat loot potion.
New ring.
Blood bones added to market.
Nerfed battleaxe to give 2x logs instead of 3x as suggested in #dhp-suggestions.
Fixed some display bugs.
Blood monster labels can now be clicked on for a short strategy guide.

November 30, 2022

Invention - Ability to disassemble iron dagger.
Invention - Ability to disassemble skeleton sword.
Invention - Disassembling higher level items requires a better toolkit.
Invention - Assembling weapons released.
Invention - Ability to craft tablettes using the pieces found from each blood area.
New weapons.
Ability to add poison on a new weapon.
New craftables.
Added a green treasure map notification.
Fixed brewing XP mixer label to show X/5 instead of X/10.
Fixed some minor typos.
Schedule back to normal. Expect updates every 2 - 3 days.

November 20, 2022

BUFF - Achievement Combat Perk (hard): Critical strikes now activate every 5 hits (melee/archery hits). This removes the RNG perspective of this perk. I don't want to make combat more RNG than it already is.
Invention: Slowly releasing invention with more stuff: You may now find tablette pieces from blood fields/forest.
Blood moon sigil released. (stupid rare 1/10k for sigils from blood monsters)

Gaurdian chest/ruby drop bug: Ok so I looked into this and treasure chest and ruby will drop when killing this guardian the first time. However, after killing the guardian once, rubies and chests were suppose to be dropped at 1/10 rate. Though this never happened due to a bug. I've actually decided to fix this but make only the chest availaible at 1/10. The ruby may not be obtained after killing the gaurdian. This is to keep ruby prices high and valuable. Looking at the database, there are a ton of guardian kills which would have brought too many rubies into the economy. So this bug was actually a good thing ;)

I am no longer sick and updates frequency will resume like before. Thank you for your patiencs.

November 17, 2022

Added new tooltip for low level ores to explain that mining XP requires a quest.
Blood areas now require less energy and fightpoints.
Added diamond toolkit and blood monsters to profile.
Fixed a bug where blood forest did not drop blood bones.
Fixed a bug where getting monster sigils were not announced in chat anymore.
Fixed a bug where a green treasure map hint was not being triggered.
Sorry for the kind of lame patch here. I've been sick for 4 days now, really can't wait to continue working on invention and other content.

November 13, 2022

There is now a special permission required to add or edit data on the wiki to elimnate the bots.
Brewing XP mixer can now only be used 5 times a day. Those few players who have used this prior to this update will have the extra brewing XP removed (only the extra past 5 potions per day)
Hard achievement combat perk released: 10% chance to critical strike with melee or archery.
Blood forest releaed - includes blood limbs for invention.
Fixed a display bug where the fightpoints image was not showing the correct image.
Fixed a bug where using rare potion with blood areas sometimes didnt work.
Fixed a bug where sometimes tooltips would stay stuck on when logging in.

November 10, 2022

Fixed achievement: Collect a total of 40,000 gathering bags using the gatherer.
New socketable item.
Part 0.5 of invention released - ability to disassemble a weapon.
New invention tool released.
New gathering unique found in gem mines.
Blood chicken egg achievement now retroactive.
Changed hard combat achievemnt: Have your hero equip items for melee damage of 23 22 or more.
I spoke to the player base on discord (if you are not in our channel, I suggest you join) about how to implement invention. Here's a picture of the response: https://i.imgur.com/a8RpQ72.png. Thank you guys for your input :) I want whats best for the players.

November 9, 2022

Achievement to find a chicken egg without gathering is now retroactive.
Woodcutting hard achievement perk released - includes changes in profile.
Fishing hard achievement perk released.
Removed achievement related to blue orb in woodcutting. Too RNG dependent.
Changed achievement: "Collect a total of 100,000 gathering bags using the gatherer" to 40,000.
Fixed guardian not triggering the combat achievement, also this has been made retroactive.
Make a pancake achievement is now retroactive.
Clarified the achievement text: Have a melee damage of 23 or more. (It's the stat bonus, not an actual hit)
Halloween event has ended. Next up is Christmas, stay tuned!

November 8, 2022

New craftable @ level 70.
Crafting hard achievements released - with perk.
Gathering hard achievements released - with perk.
Farming hard achievements released - with perk.
Brewing hard achievements released - with perk.
Fishing hard achievements released - without perk (though you can see the buff to come).
Cooking hard achievements released - without perk (though you can see the buff to come).
Woodcutting hard achievements released - without perk (though you can see the buff to come).
Combat hard achievements released - without with (though you can see the buff to come).

November 4, 2022

Two new potions (level 33 & level 62)
Changed bait mechanic, they are no longer used automatically and must be used manually.
You may no longer swap your aquarium fish with the same one.
Fixed a bug where maggots or bait was not being consumed when feeding fish in aquarium.
Swapping from different fish for the auqurium will give you back the fish swapped.
Added clear lables on aquarium feeding buttons (10 maggots required, or 1 bait)
Rare monster potion now works in blood combat areas.
Official rules have been added to the game: https://idle-pixel.com/rules/

November 3, 2022

New gathering unique in quiet pond.
Ability to take care of fish for additional fishing XP.
Fixed a bug where fishing XP was not shown correctly in menu bar. (display only)
Donor 10% extra XP now works on invention.
Note: To unlock invention, you do NOT need level 60 in combat stats. I have changed the message to make it clearer. It was never a requirement.
Applogies for the 5 minute of downtime today, the secure certificate which encrypts messages between client and server expired and caused the server to not respond as a result (which is a good thing). This is fixed.

November 2, 2022

New ELITE skill released! (part 1)
5 New monsters released.
2 new items craftable.
Those who have unlocked the blood moon can toggle it on and off without a timer.
Added new skill to hiscores.
Added skills to profile.
Green log orb nerfed from double logs to a flat +20 logs per tree. It was too OP, luckily no one has gotten or used this orb yet.

October 31, 2022

New gathering unique found in quiet pond.
New green treasure maps and chests released.
Green priate orbs released.
Added green orbs to proifle, gathering uniques and fixed quest/achievement totals.
Fixed a bug where the ghost miner quest boss could be started without killing every monster in mansion.
Blood moon lore released, ability to access beach but still need to work on content here.

October 25, 2022

Modified mod tools to control chat / market alts better.
Market alt bans have been given out - do not alt trade once again.
Halloween Event: New sigil released, there seems to be a floating skull roaming the combat areas.
Halloween Event: All previous halloween sigils are now tradable. These items are discontinued and hold quite some value for that.
Halloween Event: ENDS ON NOVEMBER THE 9TH - halloween sigils will be untradable after this date until next year.
Content: Currently working on a massive update combat related for late game. Should be ready by the end of the week. Very exciting.

October 20, 2022

Rocket speed potion now works when rocket is returning.
Buffed rocket speed potion to go from 0-3km/s to 0-24km/s (was 0-12km/s).
Changed bronze bars required to craft a drill from 10 to 7 to speed up early game.
Increased copper ore rate from regular pickaxe from 1/29 to 1/19 to speed up early game.
Buying a pickaxe in shop automatically gives the player 2 stones and 1 copper to speed up early game.
Pickaxe can now mine iron at a 1/3600 rate to help early players.
Pickaxe tooltip changed.
The gem seeker quest now explains how to turn on a drill should the player have it off during early game.
Spending coins in the shop or market now has an small animation on your coins.
Fixing the broken rake requires 5 iron bars instead of 10.
As you can see I'm focussing on early game changes to keep users playing, but not to worry. Big update coming for those who killed guardian #1

October 18, 2022

2 new potions.
Probably wont matter for most people reading this, but guest accounts may now be created. They may not chat unelss that have completed 3 quests to reduce spam.
Fixed a display bug where the watering can was shown in socket scroll area while not owning it.
When brewing potions, the table where you can brew potions will now automatically update so you can see if you have the materials.
Same as above, but for crafting.
Skilling outfits for both mining and crafting now reduce stardust by 1 should you have the full set.

October 17, 2022

Watering can in forever fields now requires level 70 gathering to obtain, and is also released.
Gathering Machete in friendly forest increased to level 80 gathering.
Palm tree seeds now require 200 bonemeal instead of 300 (fixed tooltip label error too).
Again, if you are unable to login and are getting a wrong username/password message, PM me on discord. Although sometimes it seems PMs dont go through, so msg me on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/smitty-idlepixel

October 16, 2022

New login system completed. Tokens are no longer a thing, remember me now adds an account automatically to presets. Try it out, login with remember me on and logout to see how it works!
Profile now shows a completion percentage based on your progress. (Genereated based on levels, diamond tools, pirate orbs, guardians slayed etc)
I want to apologies to the players who lost potential loot on gathering bags from the clost/skilling outfits bug. This led to people to open bags and not get full potential of loot. Zeragon has lost 100k bags, I've even contacted him for a refund of bags but he said no as it would be unfair to other players. I will do my absolute best to test more before releasing such content. Hope you guys understand, I want the game to be fair for everyone and I should be fully responsbile for bugs that I accidently release. At a bare minimum I will do my best to refund players if possible.
This integration of the new login system could take 5 - 20 minutes, and will include downtime.

October 15, 2022 (part 2)

Fixed a bug where spells could be casted before the fight began.
Fixed a bug where with lava buckets where players were getting 2 - 6 instead of 1 in volcano.
I'm aware of the uselessness of mining/crafting skilling outfits. Their reward will likey be reworked.

October 15, 2022

Fixed a bug where closet wasn't required to get gathering or mining skilling outfit.
Gathering skilling outfit now gives bonus XP. Right now, you get 1 xp per bag obtained. However with the skilling outfit, there is a percentage change of getting an additional XP based on number of pieces.
Donor XP bonus now applied on gathering bags. (1/10 chance of getting an extra XP per bag)
Those who got skilling outfit before crafting closet will not get the bonus XP until the closet is crafted, however they keep the outfits.
There is now a combat countdown before every fight that is not in fields, forest, or caves.
Shiny volcano monsters now drop 10 lava (if you have buckets) and 10 molten glass.
Gem goblin now has a chance to drop a legendary blood diamond (1/100).
Changed label for unique gathering machete in friendly forest to TODO so people know they cannot get it.
Added gaurdians and skilling outfits to profile lookup.
Fixed a bug where level 55 mining was not needed for rocket.

October 14, 2022

Fixed a bug where opening gathering bags had some weird behaviour with skilling outfits. Sadly it's difficult to refund exact junk since bags can come from chests, but you might still get a refund of approximately what junk you should have gotten. Sorry about this.

October 13, 2022 (part 2)

Fixed a bug where the rocket was automatically sent after equiping it with oxygen gear.
Fixed various tooltips that showed wrong info.
Fixed a bug where guardian #1 in haunted mansion would sometimes revieve at 1 hp.
Fixed a minor display bug where titanium foundry did not show as 'running' when adding logs to it.
Fixed a bug in profile where ghost miner boss was not ticked off for those who have completed it.
Easy achievement perk for combat: Fixed a bug where gaining melee/archery/magic levels did not increase max HP/MANA unless refreshed.
Added extra info to the achievement: "Drink a super stardust pot. while its timer being at 9:00 or higher" to avoid confusing.

October 13, 2022

New special craftable @ level 50.
Ability to find mining skilling outfits. (with closet crafted)
Ability to find crafting skilling outfits. (with closet crafted)
Ability to find gathering skilling outfits. (with closet crafted)
Ability to find farming skilling outfits. (with closet crafted)
Ability to find brewing skilling outfits. (with closet crafted)
Ability to find woodcutting skilling outfits. (with closet crafted)
Ability to find cooking skilling outfits. (with closet crafted)
Ability to find fishing skilling outfits. (with closet crafted)

October 8, 2022

New item found in haunted mansion shop.
New boss quest.
Hard mining achievements released.
Small QoL I saw on discord suggestions: Arrow label in combat now is static, so switching gears should not shift spell buttons up/down.
Just opened a subreddit for the game here: reddit.com/r/idlepixel/. Post your game suggestions on this sub. I will read them all.

Dev note: I'm currently about to redo the login system's code as it's outdated (it's from diamond hunt 2). This may take a good 2 to 3 days, I'll do my best to add content during this time.

October 7, 2022

2 new craftables.
Sometimes when monsters used a special spell (or even during normal combat) the image would flicker. This has been fixed.
Combat should be more responsive now, still a bit of optimization to do but it's better now.
Fixed a bug where sometimes monsters would be rendered invisible. (happened after fighting ghost)
Fixed a display bug where Faradox's gaurdian's popup didn't show as monster as killed.
Fixed a bug where amulet was clipping over weapon/shield.
Minor buffed some cooks' book energy obtained from cooking recipes.

October 6, 2022

New craftable.
New item added to gathering: desert mines.
Rocket operational.
Shooting star released and will be very useful for the new elite skill but not usable now.
New armour.
Fixed a bug where crafting iron buckets was not shown in crafting table after being crafted once.
Fixed a bug where the cook's book was not giving any cooking XP.

October 4, 2022

Wave 1 of market bans will be applied in the next 20 minutes. Do not alt trade or use any form of bots or you will get banned.
Fixed a bug where only 1 spiked club was craftable - you may now craft as many as you want.
Fixed a bug where clicking on the boating dock showed a display bug of sending a boat.
Fixed a bug where trying to fight with a wooden bow without arrows showed two popups instead of one.
Fixed a bug where medium cooking achievement perk was being applied to some food that should not have been.
Fixed a bug for the achievement: Have 12 types of raw fish on you (excluding shinies) which wasn't triggering correctly. (If you don't have it but have twelve different fish, wait until you catch an additional fish for it to trigger)
Fixed display bug where total achievements completed showed a wrong value.

October 2, 2022 (part 2)

Very nice to see that the chat is reacting to the new combat engine being super smooth!
Fixed a bug where combat stats for yourself and the monster not shown correctly when fighting.

October 2, 2022

Guardian #1 can now be fought with green key from haunted mansion. Good luck!
Added gem goblin to combat drop log.
Combat lag fix: Spent a lot of time this weekend testing combat engine and it was very clear that the engine had problems which created lag. This has been fixed! Combat should now be smooth, even when spamming presets.
Ban wave #1 for alt traders coming this week.

September 28, 2022

The cooks book in gathering was buffed yesterday in terms of XP when finding it. (15k -> 35k) It's unfair for those who found it prior to this update, therefore those players have been automatically given the difference in XP.

September 27, 2022

New mining machinery.
New ore & bar.
4 New craftables.
4 New unique gathering items from desert mines.
Ability to prepare a rocket to go to space.
Two unique drops added to the haunted mansion: exorcist.

September 26, 2022

Fixed market glitch - those who were affected by the glitch will automatically be refunded upon logging in. No damage was done to the economy.
Cooked stardust fish now has the correct background color.
Monster sigils released (includes gem goblin) - see rates in combat log book.
Skill sigil automatically added when reaching level 100 for that skill.
Chat server messages added when looting a monster sigil or reaching level 100 in a skill.
Scythe tradable.

September 25, 2022

New gathering unique (cooks book) released in the dirty kitchen.
Ability to prepare food based on oven type (requires unique from gathering).
The function to change your password is now functional.
New potion (level 27).
New medium cooking achievement.
A seed that instantly grows thanks to easy farming achievements can no longer die.
You may no longer deal damage with a bow without arrows + having rings.
Attempting to fight with a wooden bow without any arrows equipped will give you a warning before selecting an area to find a monster.
Fixed market taxes. It is now calculated per item and not the total.
Fixed tooltips on fish obtained from harpoon (it showed wrong cook level).
Fixed other tooltips with incorrect info.
Fixed expired discord link - You should all join! We are having a blast (share thoughts, suggestions and screenshots!)
Updated profile to include new uniques.

September 20, 2022

New medium combat achievement.
Ability to click on monster labels when selecting an area to fight for a strategy guide in game.
Ability to unset a sigil by re-equipping it.
Ability to unset a chattag by re-equipping it.
Promethium ores now require 5 charcoal instead of 1 for smelting.
Fixed some typos.
Fixed a bug where players were able to capture multiple ghosts.
Fixed a mistake where the max heart crystal in ghost shop said it required 500 ghost essence, when it really needed 1000.
Fixed a bug where the autofill for smelting promethium did not take charcoal into account.

September 19, 2022

Haunted mansion combat area released.
New weapon & new full set of magic robes.
New craftable.
Fixed bonemeal tooltips.
Fixed bone amulet tooltip.
Fixed some typos.
Fixed total quest label in profile lookup.
Added chisel + new monsters to profile lookup.
Fixed and adjusted new rates for charcoal foundry.
Using foundry now autofills input in the dialog box.

September 15, 2022

New craftable item.
New level 80 tree & respective tree seed + added to profile.
The legendery blood diamond is now obtainable at a crazy 1/25,000,000 rate.
Our system has picked up potential alt traders. Please do not alt trade in the market. Those who do will be market banned in the next wave.

September 14, 2022

Maintenance has begun in order to find the problem with slower ticks thank usual.
Come back here in a couple of hours for a status update.
UPDATE: issue has been fixed.

You may now use the values 'k', 'm' in your input numbers. (1k = 1000, 1m = 1000000)
New potion.
Pirate orbs tradable.
Ability to unlock a new combat area (fights not coded yet).
You may now only craft one of each ring (having more than one is useless).
Gem Goblin now scales based on area. It used to be 1/800 for each area, but now it's 1/2000 for fields, 1/1000 caves, 1/600 volcano, 1/500 northern fields etc.
Clicking your bones for bonemeal now auto fills the input box as with your total bones owned.
As request in #dhp-suggestions, needle can now convert multiple items in one go.
The new small, medium, and large stardust fish now counts towards achievements: Have x different type of raw fish on you.

September 13, 2022 (part 2)

Ability to click on the update notifcation icon to take you to the update log.
Buffed crafting XP from crafting bronze statue to give early players a bit of a head start.
Added boats craftable: canoe, stardust ship.
Added 3 new special fish.

September 13, 2022

Achievement reward from woodcutting medium released.
New craftable item.
New achievement for medium crafting, those who have the perk already will have it automatically removed until it's completed.
Orbs from treasure chest now shown in your profile.
Fixed a bug where on occasion, fighting would not reset your magic spell cooldowns.
Finally fixed the bug where about 5% of players were not getting donor coins when purchased. (It was caused by logging in from a different computer when already logged into the game on another computer).

September 11, 2022 (part 2)

New quest.
All crystals obtainable.
New unique drop from yeti in northern fields.
Ability to compare hiscores, visit the hiscore page for the link.
Maple trees now give maple syrup.

September 10 & 11, 2022

Server maintenance has begun, expect lag spikes and or server restarts without warning for the next 30 minutes.
Maintenance completed. Maintenance changes reverted. There seems to be a problem with people freezing for about 5 seconds every 10 minutes.
Attempting this maintenance again.

September 9, 2022

Market stats released: http://data.idle-pixel.com/market/ (added to top bar) - This is Anwinity's work. He's done a great job with it.
15 new combat rings released.
Geodes released with minerals (requires chisel).
Ability to convert minerals to mining XP without the use of stardust.
Ability to craft minerals into rings.
Added gem goblin kills to profile.
Added great stardust potion to profile.
Added discord link to top bar.
Fixed text on tooltips that showed wrong information for many items.
Fixed a bug where the achievement to catch a very rare fish (eel) did not count.
Fixed a display bug where oven image was always the bronze one after cooking food.
Thank you guys for posting in the #dhp-bugs on discord, really helps alot.

September 8, 2022

Crafting iron buckets no longer give XP.

September 6, 2022 (part 2)

Ability to type an equal sign in chat '='
Hardcore accounts may now buy donor coins from the market. I don't want idle pixel to be pay to win, so everyone should have access to donor perks. I know that selling donor coins does give an adventage, but at least gold is not injected directly into the game (like most p2w games) and it helps pay servers.
Fixed backend code to comply with Anwinity's scripts. I highly suggest you try them out here. All his scripts are reviewed by me, and are approved for use without problems.
Fixed a bug where some mobile users were unable to gather/craft brewing kit since the popup was off screen.
Market release going very well. No bugs submitted and my monitoring says that all is good.
I want thank all the players. I've been getting hundreds of positive messages on discord, literally 100% of messages have been uplifting and motivating. More updates to come ;)

September 6, 2022

MARKET RELEASED - NO ALT TRADING ALLOWED. (Alt trading means that you have a main account, and have other accounts funneling items to your main, gaining an unfair advantage. Breaking this rule will result in a ban)
Fixed a bug where entering an empty input for various actions (bonemeal, selling items, etc) disconnected the player.

September 5, 2022

Ability to find a chisel in gathering mines.
Ability to collect geodes, but cannot be opened just yet.
I'm being told that some mobile or tablet users are unable to train the gathering skill. I've tried it on my end and for me it's working. I need to know the browser/phone OS that you are using, but for now I suggest to update your browser on mobile to the latest version to see if it fixes the problem, or stick to chrome.
There is currently a memory problem when the game is opened for a long time (12h +) - I've implemented a fix - but it's hard to test so let's see how it goes now.

September 1, 2022 (part 2)

Server message in chat when a player finds a diamond, or when they encounter a gem goblin.
Ability to take a picture of your hero. (Check combat, button under your hero).
You can now click on usernames in chat to see their profile.
Ability to click links in chat - do not post bad/dirty links and I'm not repsonsible on what you click. (This was coded by Anwinity, thanks!) Reverted as it broke stuff on safari browser.

September 1, 2022

There was a bug that about 5% of donors did not get their coins automatically - pm me if that's the case on discord. (This is now fixed)
Fixed a bug where game was failing to load correctly on both mobile & safari browser.
Fixed a bug where hardcore sigils were not given to new hardcore accounts.
Fixed hardcore hiscores not sorting properly.
Fixed a bunch of incorrect tooltips + in game typos.
Fixed ability to search for a user who has a space in their username.
Fixed achievement that sometimes did not trigger: Gather 5 6 different gathering bags.
Changed the default font just for chat - it was hard to read.

August 31, 2022

Release went smooth - CPU levels under 2% @ 100 players.
Fixed a bug where switching devices caused saving issues.
'+' and '-' button now works in chat box.
There seems to be an issue with safari browsers (monsters not loading) - looking into this now.

August 29, 2022

Game turned off while preparing for tomorrow's release.

August 27, 2022

Total level (both in game and hiscores) now accounts the combat stats.
Fixed a bunch of bugs posted on github.

August 24, 2022

Fixed a bug where sapphire achievement stopped working.
Forgot to mention this last update: Added yeti in northern fields + added drops to ice witch.
Added diamond brewing kit to hiscore search page.
Reduced the rate of gathering bags from 5s to 8s, though rewards from achievements bring it down to 4 seconds per bag (it was 5s originaly)
Going to host my own wiki @ idle-pixel.wiki (WIP)
Crafting medium achievements released.
Gathering medium achievements released.
Farming medium achievements released.
Brewing medium achievements released.
Fishing medium achievements released.
Cooking medium achievements released.
Woodcutting medium achievements released.
Combat medium achievements released.

August 19, 2022

Release date coming closer and closer, the hype is real!
Ability to click on any player on the hiscores to quick search them.
Updated search page for player to be to date with the recent game updates.

August 17, 2022 (part 2)

New quest.
Northern fields bumped up to 3000 energy, but new quest reward makes it ~1500-2000 energy which is better than before.
Two new potions.

August 17, 2022

Bomb from volcano golem now drops promethium ore & bar 100%.
Fixed a bug where northern fields only gave ice witch.
Rare monster released in northern fields.
Two new weapons.
New craftable using ant needles.
Added more drops to ice witch.
Nerfed stardust logs yield on stardust by 50%. Way too OP.
Medium mining achievements released.

August 11, 2022

Released to public on August 30. Can't wait for hundreds of players to login and watch this break! :)
Mute system tested: Moderators can login on https://idle-pixel.com/admin/ and add mutes in the mute table directly, then click the refresh mutes button next to chat (Which is done every minute automatically)
Ice witch heal is now more obvious when reflecting.
Fixed: Clicking ores/bars not working and fixing MAX button.
Fixed: Hiscore order. Now sorts by level first, then XP.

August 10, 2022

New craftables: 6 new craftable items.
New potion.
Fixed a bug where using the 'max' button did not do the calculations correclty when converting ores/bars.
Fixed a bug where previous background image was set to combat on login.
Fixed a display bug where brewing potions showed wrong XP labels. (Actual XP gained is unchanged).

August 4, 2022

Fixed a bug where fight points were not being used.

August 3, 2022

Ice arrows coded.
Changed the graphics when hitting enemies, they kind of scroll in a weird way but it avoids them being stacked. WIP
Northern field area accessible. All 3 regular monsters coded with drops (includes weapon, new arrows, ice bones etc) Rare monster not coded
New tree + its respective seed.
Fixed a bug where one hitting an enemy using magic gave archery XP.
Fixed hiscore ranking label.
Fixed bug where shiny glass orb was not used when converting it.
Fixed stardust logs not giving the correct heat.
Thank you guys for posting bugs on github, thanks Anton for the suggestion.

July 29, 2022

Fixed a server 500 error.
Fixed bug where text popups would get stuck on the bottom on login, ty Induche (https://github.com/smitty-diamond-hunt/idle-pixel-bug-tracking/issues/9).
Fixed: crafting xp max doesnt factor in donor perks so trys too use 10% extra bars.
Reduced grow time for tree seeds.
Added new tree: stardust tree @ level 60 woodcutting. (Includes its seed and is plantable + added to collection of items in hiscore search).

July 27, 2022 (part 3)

Shiny trees, farming crops, fish and monsters released given you have the requirement for it.
Fixed bugs thanks to your submissions on: https://github.com/smitty-diamond-hunt/idle-pixel-bug-tracking/issues.
Iron buckets now require 35 crafting instead of 40.
New craftable: oven booster.
Added small text animation when small actions occur - put ores in oven to test.
Removed popup when a potion is saved after getting the easy brewing achievement - now it's a animation used as explained in the text above.

July 27, 2022 (part 2)

Nerfed heat potion timer.
Clicking the player market section now will show all items currently selling + improved interface when selecting specific item.
Some fishing achievements can be obtained retroactively now.
New craftable.

July 27, 2022

Nerfed volcano monster hp - was way too hard.
Chicken & Firehawk now drop 5 - 15 feathers as opposed to 1 - 5.
Fixed fire/reflect spell not working correctly.
Chat bar is now automatically hidden when in combat.
Removed level up sound effect.
Combat Presets during combat has been moved under hero (requires combat preset quest)
Reduced volcano energy requirement from 2000 to 1000.
Added a new quest.

July 26, 2022

Rare monster potion now requires dotted green leaves instead of regular ones.
Rare monster potion now requires less mushrooms.
Released brewing and fishing easy achievements. Again, some won't trigger right away until an action is completed (Example: catch 50 raw shrimp)
New boat craftable

July 22, 2022

Every player market transaction is recorded. (https://i.imgur.com/kFLH5hd.png) This will allow us to graph history of pricing for items + catch alt traders.
Reduced gold bars required for oil factory from 100 to 50.
Lime leaf seeds now require 25 farming instead of 30.
New level 13 brewing potion.
Reduced log materials for crafting: community center 2.
Crafting: Fight Points Medallion - reduced sapphires from 5 to 3 and crafting level from 35 to 31

July 21, 2022

Ability to deactivate hardcore mode in settings.
Added a bunch of tradable items - I also set different price points for each (probably got a lot wrong lol)
Fixed cooking level label not showing up in the cooking tab.
Fixed brewing kit not applying effect.
Fixed brewing kit when stacking potions.

July 20, 2022

Removed quest: 'The Collector'. The initial reward was the collection log, but we have a page now that shows collection progress so it's useless.
Reduced farming speed potion ingredients from 500 to 100 red mushrooms.
Reduced ingredients required for rare monster potion (strange leaf from 5 -> 3, three lime leaf -> ten green leaf).
Added new tool: brewing kit (craftable).
Fixed a bug where farming crops never died.
Clicking gathering loot bags now autofills input with amount.
New drop added to ent in forest: strange leaf fertilizer.

July 19, 2022

Added new gathering unique in friendly forest.
Fixed a visual bug where patch #4 and #5 for farming didn't clear the image when harvesing.
Woodcutting Achievement: "Have 3 oak trees fully grown" is now reduced to 2.
New brewing potion (level 8).
Replaced Woodcutting Achievement: "Chop an apple fruit tree." as fruit trees are n/a this early in the game.

July 18, 2022

Fixed a bug where the collector quest could not be started despite having 20 achievements completed.
Total achievements completed now added to as a subtitle in achievements tab.
Ability to search a player in the hiscores and get a bunch of statistics. (Click next to your username in game on top left on screen) (Note that some statistics have not been collected, such as gathering.)
XP in hiscores is now seperated with commas (1554344 --> 1,554,344)

July 17, 2022

Added cooking achievements.
Fixed more tooltip errors.

July 16, 2022

Added stardust seeds.
Changed the easy woodcutting achievement to chop 50 willow logs (now it's 20)
Improved interface when converting ores/bars into XP.
Fixed a hiscore bug where woodcutting data was wrong.
Fixed a few tooltips showing the wrong info. (Potion timers etc)
Fixed display bug from gathering progress bars.
QoL: Achievements that require progress are now seen. (Check woodcutting -> chop a total of 10 trees)
Farming seeds give a bit more XP now.

July 14, 2022

All sigils coded, just need to transfer them on July 22.
Mute function restored for Moderators.
Removed the ability to eat mushrooms, it has been replaced with a potion which gives energy. (Essentially having the same result, with a bit of brewing XP)

July 12, 2022

Chat tags released.

July 6, 2022

Rare monsters fixed, but have a reduced rate of 1/5 to encounter.

July 1, 2022

Better popups. (Should be less autoscrolling to top etc.)

June 30, 2022 (part 2)

Fixed market transactions - still needs a bit of work on UI.
Fixed updatelog link.
Ability to add update timer and save all accounts/restart server automatically.

June 30, 2022

Completely got rid of PHP and migrated code to python